Badass mother butter
Badass mother butter

Badass mother butter

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All the good fats for your powerful person.

This delicious cultured dairy free butter is the solution to a world of madness.

Our special blend of virgin coconut oil, cacao butter, cultured coconut, extra virgin olive oil and sunflower lecithin is a delight for souls worn weary from toxic, highly refined butter substitutes. It’s firm in the fridge, great for baking and softens quickly for spreadabillity. 

Moreish and satisfying, a better dairy free butter doesn’t exist.

All organic

No toxic seed oils

No gluten or grains

Frankenfood free

Anti catastrophic 

Produced in our solar powered kitchen and packaged in inert reusable recyclable glass 

Solutions to the many problems in our modern world are close at hand, and left to the independent free thinkers to activate

Knox & Aya simplicity solutions to your dilemmas with dairy.

liberate now