About us

Our solar powered production kitchen based in Billinudgel proudly supplies more than 80 independent stores & cafes from Coffs Harbour to Sunshine coast.

Let's get started with the fundamentals Who are we & what are we doing?

What we are doing: Hedonism. Basically thats what it comes down to. As much as I could go on about organic dairy & gluten free. I could get deep in the weeds on functional food, slow fermentation, available nutrition, anti inflamatory living, reusing vs recycling, but I wont. 

We created Knox & Aya from our own needs, to support our greatest wellbeing, including our need for indulgence.

It's this basic hedonic drive, to live with optimism, vitality & enjoyment, within a rich and strong ecosystem which inspires us to create & share at Knox & Aya.

Who is Knox & Aya: Nadine, Horst, Lennox & Kaia. That's our crew, a growing family on the north coast of NSW. We dance, surf, knit, bake, brew, churn, learn & grow with help from each other & our community. 

We create to share & hope you enjoy and are fulfilled.

 Indulgent nicecream