About us

Our solar powered production kitchen based in Billinudgel proudly supplies more than 80 independent stores & cafes from Coffs Harbour to Sunshine coast.

Let's get started with the fundamentals Who are we & what are we doing?

What we are doing: Hedonism. Basically thats what it comes down to. As much as I could go on about organic dairy & gluten free. I could get deep in the weeds on functional food, slow fermentation, available nutrition, anti inflammatory living, reusing vs recycling, but I wont. 

We created Knox & Aya from our own needs, to support our greatest wellbeing, including our need for indulgence.

It's this basic hedonic drive, to live with optimism, vitality & enjoyment, within a rich and strong ecosystem which inspires us to create & share at Knox & Aya. We think that freedom from dairy and gluten should also be free from frankenfoods, I mean, why take one disagreeable ingredient out only to replace it with a laundry list of food science chemicals? We believe in whole, real, foods prepared simply to produce delightfully tasty, nutritious sustenance for our friends. 

We also believe that human activities should enrich the ecosystem rather than deplete it.

  • That's why we are the first Australian ice-cream in a compostable tub.
  • That's why we package our yogurt in inert, recyclable and reusable glass,
  • Thats why we invested heavily into solar to power our production kitchen.

Who is Knox & Aya? Nadine, Horst, Lennox & Kaia. That's our crew, a growing family on the north coast of NSW. We dance, surf, knit, bake, brew, bushwalk, churn, learn, garden & grow with help from each other & our community. 

We create to share & hope you enjoy and are fulfilled.

We believe food has the power to heal and hope you will join us on this journey.

 Indulgent nicecream